Probation occurs when a juvenile offender is adjudicated under a specific order which releases the juvenile into the community under supervision. 


The probation department holds juvenile offenders accountable for their actions while providing support to them and their families.


Probation Officers monitor juvenile offender compliance with the Courts Orders; as well as assist the juvenile and family in improving the juveniles overall condition. Juveniles ordered to probation and families will have routine contact with the Probation Department. Through appropriate sanctions the juvenile will be held accountable.


Contact Probation

After Hours
Call the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office or Delaware City Police Department and they will contact the on call Probation Officer.

Kara Moore
Chief Probation Officer/ Department Head

Gia DeGirolamo
Deputy Chief Probation Officer

Josh Johson
REI Coordinator/Probation Officer

Michelle Leighty
JSO Probation Officer

Lindsey Lenhart
Probation Officer

Mitch Lockhart
Probation Assistant

Bobbie Massie
Probation Officer