The Delaware County Juvenile Treatment Court initiative seeks to provide alcohol and drug treatment and related services to juveniles offenders with drug and alcohol issues and/or mental health issues. 

Mission Statement
The Delaware County Juvenile And Family Treatment Courts effectively intervene with youth substance abuse and mental health issues through systematic and coordinated supervision, treatment and case planning; supporting substance free lifestyles, reducing criminal behavior, and assisting in the development of healthier families and a safer community.

The goals of program participants are to:

  • Be alcohol/drug free
  • Demonstrate cooperation and follow through with their treatment plan
  • Reduce recidivism of non-violent juvenile substance abusing offenders
  • Increase social functioning of juvenile offenders

Juvenile Incentives and Sanctions

To encourage and enforce Juvenile Treatment Court procedures and rules incentives and sanctions will be applied by the Magistrate. Graduated sanctions will be utilized if non-compliance continues. Positive rewards for compliance are considered equally important to sanctions.

  • Incentives include, but are not limited to:
    • Graduation to the next phase
    • Reduction of community service hours
    • Decreased drug testing
    • Fewer court appearances
    • Later curfew
    • Small tokens
    • Special recognition / Graduation Program for successful completion
  • Sanctions include, but will not be limited to:
    • Repeat of previous phase
    • Assignment of a book report or essay
    • House arrest / electronic monitoring
    • Increased drug testing
    • Increased court appearances
    • Earlier curfew
    • Increased community service hours

Juvenile Program Eligibility

To be accepted into the Juvenile Drug Court Program the juvenile needs to:

  • Be between the ages of 14 and 17 ½ years old
  • Have a history of drug and/or alcohol usage
  • Have a pending complaint or prior adjudication of any of the following:
    • drug abuse
    • drug paraphernalia
    • abuse of harmful intoxicants
    • OMVI
    • other alcohol or drug related offense
    • felony or misdemeanor offense determined to have been motivated by drug or alcohol abuse/dependency; school truancy or school unruly behavior determined to have been motivated by drug or alcohol abuse/dependency and home unruly behavior determined to have been motivated by drug or alcohol abuse/dependency
  • Have a responsible adult support person available and willing to attend counseling and to appear in drug court proceedings with the child
  • Have no pending violent offense or history of violent behavior and or sex offense

The juvenile must be willing to contract and participate in drug/alcohol and/or mental health treatment plan participate in the treatment court process including attending all required court appearances for review submit to random urinalysis/breathalyzer testing comply with all program sanctions complete all program requirements

Contact Treatment Court

Lindsey Lenhart
Treatment Court Coordinator