When a delinquent and/or unruly complaint is filed in the Juvenile Court it is reviewed by the Intake Department. Officers screen all the Juvenile Court referrals and manage the initial filings of all delinquent and/or unruly complaints. The Court calls this process triage, the Intake and Diversion officers review the complaint and determine how to move forward. The Intake Department has different programs that a juvenile can be placed in depending on the seriousness of the crime, the age of the juvenile at the time of the offense and the juveniles’ prior contact with the juvenile justice system.

Based upon Juvenile Rule 9 of the ORC, the Intake Department considers the least restrictive options while balancing the best interest of the juvenile, the victims and the community while holding the juvenile accountable.

The Intake Department will meet with a juvenile and family prior to court hearings to review the charge(s) and explain the juvenile’s rights. Upon an admission to a charge(s) the intake department will make disposition recommendations to the Judge and or Magistrate.

The Intake Department may supervise a caseload of adjudicated juveniles for compliance with the Court Orders.

If necessary based upon the seriousness of the offense and or prior court contact, the Intake Department may conduct a Pre Dispositional Investigation to determine if Probation supervision should be recommended.


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