Community Service provides juveniles a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the community, take ownership, and learn responsibility.  The Court may impose Community Service as a term, condition, or court order. Juveniles can be referred to one of the following community services options by the intake, diversion, or probation department of the Delaware County Juvenile Court.


Juveniles referred to the Supervised Community Services Program will be working with a group of juveniles that are under constant supervision of a Community Services Specialist. These crews are typically limited to 6 juveniles per Community Services Specialist. The Supervised Community Service program gives the juveniles the ability to work off their court-ordered community service hours through a structured and supervised environment. This program exposes the juveniles to work experience in which valuable skills are developed and enhanced. The juveniles are also provided a positive team work experience while simultaneously giving back to their community.

The Juvenile Restitution Work Program was established to provide an alternative disposition for juveniles committing personal and property crimes where restitution was deemed appropriate.  The goal of the Juvenile Restitution Program is to give youth who may not be able to obtain employment the opportunity to work toward paying their owed restitution.


Contact Community Service

Ken Ward
Community Services/Restitution Coordinator
140 N Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015