General Information

To continue to serve the public, while limiting personal interaction, the Court asks that you call 740-833-2600 prior to coming into Court to make an appointment unless you are coming for a hearing.  This will permit us to keep the number of persons in our offices at a safe level at all times.


In person filings are accepted.  However, if you need to make a filing, multiple remote options exist including: e-filing using the e-services portion of our website, email filing by attaching documents to, fax filing to 740-833-2599, and using the drop box located in the entrance lobby of our building.  If you have questions regarding making a filing please contact the Court at the number listed above.

Telephone and Video Hearings

Many hearings will be held via telephone or video conference.  When you receive a notice of your hearing, you will also receive information regarding the type of hearing you will have.  If you do not know what type of hearing to expect, please call 740-833-2580.  If you have a telephone or video hearing scheduled, please provide updated contact information by emailing your case number and name to or by calling 740-833-2580.   If you do not have access to technology for a video hearing, please notify the Court so that alternative arrangements can be made.

We ask that you be available for a phone hearing at the telephone number you provided five (5) minutes prior to the start of the hearing. If you are having a video hearing, we ask that you log in using the provided information five (5) minutes prior to the start of the hearing.  Also, please make sure you have the necessary materials or documents to conduct the hearing.  We expect these hearings to be just as substantive as if they were in person.  If there are documents that you would want to provide to the court, please file them in advance of the hearing.

If you are an attorney and your client will not be in the same location, please provide a working telephone number/email for your client or provide the video hearing information to your client in advance.  The Court expects counsel to make sure his or her client is available to participate in the hearing.

In-person hearings

For in-person hearings, please check in at the juvenile lobby no more than 10 minutes before the start of your hearing.  Please limit the number of people attending to only those required. For your safety and the safety of other hearing participants, we ask that you wear a mask and always maintain social distancing.  Do not come to Court if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

The Juvenile Court is taking necessary steps for the safety of all participants. Court staff will be wearing masks, providing hand sanitizer, and the Courtrooms and waiting areas have been set up to provide social distancing. Thank you for your patience, professionalism, and efforts in protecting our community.

For a copy of the Court’s Pandemic Operations Plan, please click here.